Black Peacocks

Black Peacocks

In the universe, there are white, green and blue peacocks, but no fully black peacocks exist. Unfortunately, the black peacock’s existence naturally is completely not true. But some peacocks do have black shoulders. They come as changes in their genes which are called “genetic mutation”, and selective people breed them, so they are rare.

These peacocks still have blue tails and blue necks with black shoulders. On the other hand, the peahens have black and white mottled feathers on their shoulders. Like other peahens, black peahens also lack a long tail, so they do not have green or blue feathers like black peacocks. Black-shouldered peafowls always come from Indian peafowl, not from other common groups.

They are an amazing and uniquely beautiful addition to nature. Their special black colors and different traits make them wonderful birds. Their black shoulders make them stylish, alluring, elegant, and attractive birds. The black color always comes on their shoulders and upper back, making it different from the rest of their feathers. They are just in black shoulders, not entirely black bodies.  The feathers are of completely different colors, only the wings and back display black color. These peacocks have a lot of beautiful black pigment, but it’s not common in the world; it’s rare due to their genetic changes. It’s just an Indian peacock with a touch of black uniqueness.

Cameo Black Shoulder Peafowl

These black shoulder peacocks have colorful tails like blue, green, and gold, mostly depending on their parents. These amazing black shoulder peacocks have the same requirements and needs as the other Indian peafowls. They require the same living style as Indian peafowl, resting on trees and on grounds. If you breed a black shoulder peacock that has both shoulders in black, it’s possible that their chicks may also come in the same color, but it’s not sure and guaranteed.

Does Black Peacock Exist?

Beautiful Black Shoulder Peafowl

While fully black peacocks do not exist in the world,  but some have black coloring. People usually call them black shoulder peacocks. These black birds also have wings in black color, but not from nature It developed by genetic chances and color mutation. But fully black peacock occurrence in the world is only a myth. They are created with a special gene that makes their shoulders black as usual brown and black mix, and it’s a wonderful twist. This happens only with Indian peafowl.

When people debate black peacocks, they typically mean the black shoulder peacock with the genetic changes that result in their shoulders turning black. They only have their shoulders in black, and other feathers remain colorful like other Indian species peacocks. Now it’s clear the black peacocks have only their shoulders in black, not entirely black bodies. The most common peafowls like green, blue, and white Indian peafowls are found in North American zoos, and black shoulder peacocks can also be seen among them.

Origin and History:

Those people who were tired of raising traditional peacocks like green, blue, and white became bored, and decided to get something creative. They started selective breeding to do something magical and created black shoulder peacocks as a result. Black shoulder peacocks emerge as a shocking, wonderful mutation.  The creators loved them, and desired to make huge groups of them, so they carefully paired males and females to breed more black shoulders.

They are originally from India, and in the 1800s, they wowed in Europe and were most popular for their wonderful black shoulder. Later, they rock with their unique appearance in the United Kingdom, and become the second common peacock there. Appreciate the breeders who create them and love their unique looks.

Black Peacock Development:

Black peacock

Black shoulder peacocks are just special and unique types of Indian peafowl. The  peacock has a pretty long tail, but not in black color, instead, it comes in common colors like blue, green, and gold. If you have a pair of black shoulder peacocks, their chick might have come in the same colors, but it’s not necessary. Sometimes, the black color might vary even among siblings. They start their lives as fluffy yellow chicks, and their black feathers begin coming out after some time. After two months, their amazing black patches come out. This change especially strikes the peafowl, transforming them from brown to black beauties.

Black shoulder peacocks are the coolest addition to your peacock collection. They start from yellow and then turn partly black, making a truly amazing transformation. They are super good for pest control because they normally eat insects, and their favorite food is eating insects and small animals. In Hinduism and Buddhism, people worship them as their God. Some people use their feathers for decorative purposes.

What does a Black Peacock Symbolize:

Some people have concepts that come with new beginnings and respect in their lives. Some also believe that, in some religions, they are God and bring good luck and protection into their lives. Even in dreams, these birds are highly valuable for them, and symbolize good luck, protection, and love. Overall, this black shoulder peacock symbolizes positivity, rebirth, royalty, beauty, and pride.

The Importance of Black Peacocks in Fairy Tales, Cartoons and Movies:

Black peacocks come in stories, cartoons, and movies with magic, and mysterious charm. Their presence in cartoons, stories, and movies has endured for a long time and it also highlights their importance in traditional representation. Sometimes, they are represented as friends of princes or princesses, symbolizing power, wealth, and ownership. Their dark color makes a sense of mystery, linked in stories like hidden secrets and magical abilities. In some cultures, they are shown as protectors of the spirit world.

In “Jungle Book”  they are shown as a bad guy like Kaa, while in “Aladdin”, they are shown as an ally and a good guy. Phoenixes in “Harry Potter” are the perfect addition to stories to create more excitement.

Where you can see a Black Shoulder Peacock:

You can see them in different places, but as black shoulder peacocks, not fully black. But they are rare, not common as other Indian peacocks are.

  • The Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Washington D.C., USA, is known as the house of the black shoulders peacocks.
  • In  Australia, at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, you can see black shoulder peacocks in the Rainforest Aviary.
  • In England, at Chester Zoo, there is also a collection of black shoulder peacocks in the Monsoon Forest habitat.
  • In India, you can see them in the wild, like Gir National Park, Gujarat, and some parts of Keoladeo National Park and Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan have groups of black shoulder peacocks.

They can not bear the cold climates, so you can find them in warmer areas. Their breeding season normally starts from March and ends in May. They are shy, so you need a lot of patience to view them.


Black peacocks are not entirely black, only their shoulders are black. They have a colorful tail like the Indian peacocks, and black shoulders and back. If you are considering a fully black peafowl, then it exists only in imaginations.

Black shoulder peacocks are not very common. You can see them in different zoos all over the world, but in the wild, they appear only in India and some parts of Pakistan.

Like other peacocks, the black shoulder peacocks are expected to live around 15-20 years. In the wild, their life is shorter due to predators. In the zoo, and other farmhouses, their lifespan is longer due to good diet and enriching environmental quality.

Black shoulder peacocks are not very loud and vocal, but during the mating season, they make a loud noise. They are not as loud as compared to other birds.

Black shoulder peafowl price starts from $200 to over $5,000. Some factors affect the price like age, genetics, breeder reputation, bloodline, and gender.  Ensure you do proper research on them before buying one for yourself.


So, we know that fully black peafowls do not exist in this world. With the changing of genes, some breeders create the black shoulder peacocks; they are not fully black, just their shoulders are black. This gene change happens with the blue peacock to create a black-shoulder peacock. When they are chicks, they are yellow, and after 2 months, black patches begin to appear. They are mostly rare, but you can see them in Indian zoos and wildlife. They are just like magic happens in the world.  Their presence in stories, movies, and cartoons is unbelievable. They are just like a wonderful surprise from the breeders.

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